Never met a rich dude that played out of tune.. Or a broke one that played in tune -yung $trad

I have no idea how you guys will react to this if but do what I just did, go in your voice memos or recording device and listen to yourself two years ago. Holy shit this changed up my attitude and put things in perspective.

Anonymous asked: I take a little offense to the "little Asian kid" question. I know plenty of very talented kids who started very early who were not Asian, and plenty of Asian kids that started late or just never became good. and how many of those little Asian kids go on to become concertmasters?

your right, it was a dumb question in the first place. not many

EDIT: I’m an idiot! David Kim, Daishin Kaishimoto, lots of top concertmasters were technically “little asian kids” but didn’t fit the stereotype thats why this is such a dumb ass question, because all the great players have proven themselves as an exception. 

any ideas

holy shit idk what to make my 1000th post. any ideas??

Anonymous asked: What's worse: starting VERY late and working hard to catch up to the little Asian kids that play better than you or starting young (like the little Asian kids that play better than you) and not having a fun childhood?

probably the first one. i think “catching up” isn’t the best mindset to be in. but if you don’t know how to have fun you run the risk of burning out or just playing kind of boring. either one is not great. a few of my favorite cellists started ridiculously late though. john sharp, carter brey, and the old assistant of LA phil all started as mid teenagers. 

Turn down for beethoven op. 18 no. 3

shadows-to-my-answers asked: If you had to list your top 5 favourite piano concerti (in no particular order), what would they be? (My top 5 is Rachmaninov 2, Rachmaninov 3, Ravel, Gershwin, and Prokofiev 3!) :)

Hard to narrow it to just 5 but Prokofiev 3, Prokofiev 2, Rach 2, Tchaik 1, Ravel G Major.  

but Beethoven 4 and Proko 4 are right there with them. 

Anonymous asked: Do you have really big calluses and dead skin just peeling off your fingers? I do and I only play violin -.-'

yea I’m starting to get used to it though! moisturizer is your friend

Guys.. please be patient and don’t overwork yourself or burn out, im more worried about burning out than not improving fast enough and it scares me tbh

Ravel power rankings

10.his orchestration of pictures at an exhibition
9. Left hand piano concerto
8. Tombeau de couperin
7. Violin sonata
6. Piano trio
5. Kaddish
4. Pavane for a dead princess
3. Mother goose suite
2. G major piano concerto
1. String quartet
0. Gaspard de la nuit
-1. Daphnis et cloe

Schumann unofficial power rankings

10. Fantasy pieces for cello and fairy tales for viola TIE
9. Carnaval
8.violin concerto
7. A minor string quartet
6.1st violin sonata
5. Adagio and allegro
4.piano concerto
3. 5 pieces in popular style for cello
2.symphony 4 
1. Cello concerto
0. Dichterliebe